Process To Update Software !

Marg ERP 9+ Software; most advanced Inventory and Accounting Software which helps to manage and control the day to day business operations efficiently and effectively.Marg ERP 9+ Software helps in making appropriately informed decisions for maximizing the organizational objectives and polishing business.More...

How to upload GSTR1 on offline utility ?

A person registered under GST is required to file returns every month. Filing of GST Returns has been simplified for all tax payers with the new GST tax regime. Basically, there are three steps to file the GST return online:More...

PHARMANXT Free Drug Helpline [Hindi]

PharmaNXT free drug helpline feature enables pharma distributors to easily view complete information of a particular item i.e. which company’s item is currently available, its MRP, in which packing that particular item is available and can check the location wise availability of suppliers etc.More...

Floor Wise Store Room Billing [Hindi]

Floor wise Billing is a beneficial option in Marg ERP Software for the users who deals in multiple brands like Cadbury, Parle, Nestle etc. and maintains these products in various sections on different floors.More...

Kerala Flood Cess (KFC) in Marg ERP Software

The state of Kerala suffered heavily in the month of August 2018 due to unusually high rains resulting in severe flood. The only solution to rebuild the state is by generating an additional revenue by levying an additional CESS on the supply of goods and services.More...

How to Use Bijlipay In Marg ERP Software

Bijli pay is a card swipe device that offers an end to end payment solution.With the help of using Bijlipay, Marg users can easily conduct seamless POS transactions with the advantage of invoice and payment reconciliation.More...

Temporary Purchase [Hindi]

Temporary Purchase is the purchase of goods whose entry has not been generated in the software. The user does not receive the purchase bill for the temporary purchased goods.More...

Purchase Planning [English]

Purchase Planning keeps track of the inventory, maintains pace between the expenditure and the requirements and reduces the waste of inventory.A proper purchase planning mechanism help the user to serve the needs of the customers and help build effective customer relations.More...

Process of GSTR-9 in Marg ERP Software

GSTR 9 is a GST Return which is filed annually. All tax payers registered under GST must file GSTR 9. However, Casual Taxable Person, Input service distributors, Non-resident taxable persons, Persons paying TDS under section 51 of CGST Act are not required to file GSTR9More...

GSTR-4 Overview & Process in Marg ERP Software

GSTR-4 is a GST Return that has to be filed by a Composition Dealer. Unlike a normal taxpayer who needs to furnish 3 monthly returns, a dealer opting for the composition scheme is required to furnish only 1 return which is GSTR-4.More...

GST Inward and GST Outward process in Marg ERP software

"Inward supply" in relation to a person, shall mean receipt of goods or services or both whether by purchase,acquisition or any other means with or without consideration,furnishing details of inward supplies AND "Outward Supply" means a supply of goods or services or both, whether by sale, transfer, barter, exchange, license, rental, lease or disposal or any other mode, made or agreed to be made by such person in the course or furtherance of business.More...

Credit Limit Management [Hindi]

In Marg ERP Software, there is a very beneficial option “Advance Credit Limit”. With the help of this Advance Credit Limit option, the users can set the credit limit for their customers. This option helps to receive timely payment and the users can also keep the track of the payments that is to be received from the customers. For further detailed information on Advance Credit Limit then kindly watch this video.

Push Sale 'Detailed' Tutorial "Marg ERP" [Hindi]

Push sale option helps in controlling dump and near expiry items which are purchased from ur retailers and helps in doing sale of dump and near expiry products. [ppt 1]‘PUSH SALE’, displays a list of vital items at the side of billing screen of the operator. It recognizes some unique types of products while billing. These noteworthy items include: Focused Items, Dump Items,Near Expiry Items.For further information kindly watch this video.

Bill Tagging and Collection [Hindi]

n the firms which have a huge number of daily transactions, normally when sending their field person for collection of the outstanding payments, the firm will keep a written copy of the outstanding statement to be given to the clients and when the field person returns with the payment they make a note of the same detail against each invoice detail, in the written copy, and then update this payment information on each outstanding ledger account.For further information kindly watch this video.

SMS Setup in Marg ERP 9

In SMS Integration, there is a facility of sending direct Bulk SMS to Debtors, Creditors, Field Staff and any account group,Personal Directory, Excel List etc.Moreover the user can also e-mail / SMS the report generated from the software. For further detailed information kindly watch the video.

E-Mail Setup In Marg Software 9

In e-mail, there is facility to send Email through SMTP Like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail, IBIBO well as to send e-mail through outlook. You can e-mail softcopy of invoice to the customer automatically for purchase import.For further detailed information kindly watch the video.

Auto Purchase Import - Collaborative Commerce [Hindi]

In this video we will learn about a very beneficial and time saving feature of Marg ERP Software i.e. “Collaborative Commerce”. Collaborative Commerce feature is a two way communication between supplier and retailer through which transactions can be carried out with the help of their respective GSTN No. and E-Code.For further information kindly watch this video.

Stock Clearance [Hindi]

Marg ERP Software has developed an option “Stock Clearance” through which the user can set some items which are required to be sold out as soon as possible from the stock.For further detailed information kindly watch the video.

Purchase & Sale Claim in Marg ERP [Hindi]

Marg ERP feature “Claims & Statements”. With the help of this beneficial feature, the user can keep the track of the benefits of the claim against the purchases which is being done. Through Claims & Statements feature, the user can do the entries of their own claims which are given to the customers/salesmen and also the claim which needs to be taken by the suppliers. For further information kindly watch this video.

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