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How to Generate E-Invoice in Marg Books ?

E-Invoicing is a system in which (B2B) invoices, Export invoices & Credit/Debit Notes of Registered parties are validated electronically by GSTN on common GST portal.


How to create User & Assign Roles to User in Marg Books ?

With the help of user creation, different tasks can be managed by the different users and owners can also keep the track of the working of the users without any failure.


How to Customize Invoice Templates in Marg Books ?

In Marg Books the user can easily customize Invoice & generate professional Invoices instantly & give customers a highly personalized experience.


What is the process of Purchase Bill in Marg Books ?

In Marg Books, Purchase Bill is basically the receipt which is received to the customers along with the specified amount against the goods purchased.


How to Design Invoice ( Bill Format ) in Marg Books ?

Invoice Design option in Marg Books enables the user to easily create & design customized invoices with drag and drop facility as per the requirement.


How do I Sign Up & Login in Marg Books ?

Marg Books is an Online Accounting Software designed to ease out the complex day to day operations of small & medium businesses.


How to Import Item from Excel in Marg Books ?

Marg Books has provided a very beneficial provision through which the user can easily import the data of multiple items through excel at a single point of time.


What is the process of Purchase Import from Excel in Marg Books ?

In Marg Books Transaction Import option is basically used to Import the Purchase list from any outer source like Excel file, CSV file, etc.


What is the process of Item Creation ,Modification and Deletion in Marg Books ?

Item Master in Marg Books is used for the creation of items or products. It is necessary to create items to maintain the stock in the software.


Marg Books: FAQ

The user can find list of common questions and their answers that are often asked by people to find information or solutions to common issues related to a product.

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