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How to view Sale Tax Register Report in Marg Books ?



In order to view Sale Tax Register Report in Marg Books, the user needs to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly click on the 'Reports'.

  • 'Combined Report' window will appear.
  • Click on 'Statutory Report' tab.

  • Click on ‘GSTR-1’ option.

  • A ‘GSTR-1’ report will get displayed. It shows the report of all the Sales and Services which are been done.

  • In order to view the sale tax register for a particular period, click on ‘Date’ tab from the right side of the dashboard.

  • A ‘Date Filter’ window will appear.
  • Select the date that from which date till which date the user needs to view the GSTR-1 Report.
  • Suppose select '1-04-2022 to 30-04-2022'.

  • Then click on ‘OK’ tab.

  •  The user can view the Sales Report for the selected period.

  • Now the user will click on ‘GST Summary’ button given below.

  • A ‘GST Summary’ window will appear .
  • The user will select 'Tax Summary' (to view Tax Summary).

  • The user can view the Sale Tax Register Report.

  • If the user will press the 'Enter' key on any Tax Summary then the Summary of all the invoices will get displayed related to that particular tax.  

  • The user can view the details of any bill by double clicking on that particular bill.

    • The user will press 'ESC' key.

    • The user will click on below icon to export the sale tax report.

  • An 'Export' window will appear.
  • In 'File Name' the user will mention the name of the file.
  • Suppose mention 'Tax Wise Summary'.
  •  In 'File Type' the user will mention the format in which user needs to export file.
  • Suppose select 'Excel'.
  • Click on 'Save'.

After following the above steps, the sale register will be exported into excel file.

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