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How to Generate e - Invoice in Marg Books ?



Overview of E-Invoicing in Marg Books

Process of Registration & Login in E-Invoice Portal

Process of E-Invoicing in Marg Books 


  • Electronic Invoicing (e-Invoicing) is a system in which Business-to-Business (B2B) invoices, Export invoices & Invoices of Credit/Debit Notes of Registered parties are validated electronically by GSTN for further use on the common GST portal.
  • Through Generate e-Invoice option in Marg Books, the user can easily upload their B2B, Credit/Debit Note & Export invoices on e-Invoice Portal after the registration process is completed.
  • The main objective behind the introduction of e-Invoicing by the tax departments is to ease the whole process of invoicing i.e. to reduce all the reconciliation problems related to data and auto-populate the returns that will help the taxpayers to easily get the Input Tax Credit.
  • CBIC has announced that from 1st Aug 2023 onward, E-invoicing is mandatory for all the taxpayers having aggregate turnover above Rs 5 crore in any of the previous years from 2017-18 Onwards.
  • Starting December 15, 2023, e-Invoices will require a minimum 6-digit HSN for taxpayers with an annual Aggregate Turnover of 5Cr and above.


  • In order to upload the invoices on e-Invoice portal, the user needs to first register on e-Invoice Portal.

  • Click on Registration > e-Invoice Enablement.

  • An ‘e-Invoice Enablement Form’ will appear.
  • The user will mention the ‘GSTIN’.

  • Enter the ‘Captcha’ as shown.
  • Then click on ‘Go’.

  • The user can view all the details in the form.

  • Click on the check box of ‘I agree that for the PAN.....for eInvoicing’ and then click on ‘Send OTP’.

  • An OTP will be sent to the Registered Mobile No.
  • The user will enter the OTP in ‘Enter OTP’ field and click on ‘Verify OTP’.

  • In this way, the process of registration will get completed on e-Invoice Portal.
  • Now the user will visit the e-Invoice PortalClick on ‘Login’.

  • An ‘e-Invoice System Login’ window will appear.
  • Enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.

  • Enter the ‘Captcha’ as shown here and then click on ‘Login’.

  • ‘Dashboard’ will appear.

  • Click on ‘API Registration’ from the left side icons given in the Dashboard.

  • Click on Create API User’.

  • An ‘API Registration’ window will appear.
  • A message of ‘Do you wish to Register your GSTIN for API Interface’ will appear.
  • The user will tick the circle of ‘Through GSP’.

  • As the user ticks the circle of ‘Through GSP’; some fields i.e. ‘Select your GSP, Username, Password, and Re-enter Password’ will appear.

Marg ERP has collaborated with Pinnacle Finserve Advisors Pvt. Ltd. The user can do the registration through this company.

  • In ‘Select your GSP’ field, the user will select 'Pinnacle Finserve Advisor Pvt. Ltd.' as GSP.

  • Now the user will create the Username and password as per the requirement.

  • Re-enter the Password.
  • Then click on ‘Submit’ tab.

  • A pop of message of ‘Account Created Successfully’ will appear.
  • The user will click on ‘OK’.

  • So, in this way the process of the portal will get completed.


  • Firstly, the user will click on the 'Settings' icon on the dashboard window.

  • A 'Dashboard Setting' window will appear.
  • In 'Control Room' field, the user will click on 'Configure' button.

  • A 'Control Room' window will appear.
  • The user will search 'E-Invoice'.

  • In 'E-Invoice' option, the user will select 'Yes'.

  • The user will click on 'Configure' button.

An 'E-Invoice Configuration' window will appear.

1. GSP User Id: The user will mention the username which is created at the time of API Integration.

2. Password: The user will mention the password.

3. Upload Data For QRC Code: The user can opt for 'Hsn wise' to include the item hsn code when printing e-invoice data, or select 'Item wise' to include the item name in the data.

4. Alert to generate E-Invoice: The user will select 'Yes' to activate the alert for e-invoice generation during the billing process.

  • Now press 'ESC' key.