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FAQs of Android app.



 Q 1.Does the App work Offline? 

 Yes, it works offline too but requires the internet when you want to send those Orders.


Q 2. How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive In Marg Erp?
  Maximum  2 mints.


Q3. Can I check my stock with Items photo?
Yes, you could for that you have to upload a photo in items master.


Q4. How many Order app can I use?
 Unlimited, according to your need.


Q5 - What are the major benefits in eOrder with Marg ERP   integration?

 1- If sales man place the order through e order so there is no need for manual punching. You need not come office for order punching.
 2- Salesman not to depend on the office for real time information. Like shortage, stock and clients outstanding. 3- Salesman can also track his order status.

Q6- How many Distributors/suppliers I can add in eRetailApp?


Q7.Can I send my multiple orders at one time to multiple distributor/supplier.

 Yes, It’s possible through e retail App. Click on dairy>select items> chose items from different-2 Distributors/suppliers >save. 

Q8-what are benefits of using eRetail App?

By using E retail App you can compare multiple distributor’s items rate and deal. You can check your shorts and supply. You can order to Distributors/suppliers any time (not bound to salesman and call). You can check your ledgers, tax summary and outstanding.

Q9- how do I get support?

Click on support either you want to mail us or call us.


Q10- How Can I track my Orders Status?
Click On Order > Order List > Sync.
1- when first red icon will turn into the green that means order reach to distributors/suppliers.

2- when 2nd icon will convert into green means distributors/suppliers generated that order into the bill. You can also see Bill preview.

And 3rd icon indicates your dispatch status.



Q11 -How I do order from eRetail App?
First Open App Do Sync > select Distributor > sync > Order > new order> search items & fill Quantity> Click on Add >Save.


Q12-How can I add my Distributors/suppliers in eRetail App?
 There are three way to add your Distributors/suppliers in App.
1-Near By  (all Distributors/ suppliers near you will show on your Apps).

2. By code (you can also search a particular distributor by his unique code).

3. By search (just enter your city name and supplier)

Q13. How I do Order from eOrder App?

 First open app > fill required details> do sync then click on Order > new Order > select client > Order > search item > fill quantity > click on add for more items add >save.

Q14. How we can sync Data in multi company ?

Ans : First open one company and sync data or upload data on server.When your one company data is uploaded after that run second Company

Q15. Is android application of marg software is paid or not ?

Ans.  Yes its paid service 




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