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How to Re - Download Order in eOrder App ?



If due to any reason or issue Order gets deleted from the software data and the user needs to re-download the Order then it can be done easily.

Note: The user can Re-Download the order only if they are showing in the eOrder App.

In order to Download the Order again, the user needs to follow the below steps:

  • Go to 'Order List'.

  • In 'Upload Order' Tab, the user can view the Order. Click on the Order.

  • Now at the bottom corner of the eOrder App click on 'ReOrder'.

  • The user will click on 'Save'.

  • A window will appear where the user will select the options as per the requirement.
  • Click on 'Place Order'.

  • An alert of 'Order Saved' will appear, click on 'Ok'.

  • Now in the Marg Software, the user will click on 'Digital Entry'.