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How to print App Order discount in bill printing ?



1. Go to MastersMarg SetupSelf format > Press Enter.

2. A Self format dialog box will appear. Enter the current date in reverse format.

Suppose, the current date is 11-04-2020 then the user will enter ‘2020411’Press Enter.

3. Select Invoice Format–GUI.

4. Now go to Bill format.

5. In order to print on Grand Total part, the user will select Grand Total option.

6. Now the user will press 'F1' to search command.

7.  Then search 'App Discount'.

8. Select 'App Order Discount' then press Enter on it.

9. Thereafter the user will press 'F3' to apply the command SL_APPDISC,14,2 >.

10. Now, press “Ctrl +W” in order to save it.

11. Then click on "Save" to save the changes.

After following the above steps, the user can print App order discount in bill printing.

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