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How to view Expiry Date and Renew eBusiness Online in Marg Software?



In ‘Online Payment’ the user can view the salesman and amount which is valid till a particular date so when the amount gets finished or the plan gets expired then it will be displayed in red from green and eBusiness will also close i.e. receive of data and the distribution of data on server will also close. 

  • Along with this the distributor can also view that the plan is expired and needs to be recharged (as shown below).

  • To recharge, click on ‘Online payment’.

  • Now a payment page will be opened where the user can view the details of the distributor and can also view that which distributor is using which plan.

  • Here, the user can view the payment plan. Now select the payment plan accordingly.

  • The amount will be auto update as per the selected plan.

The user will mention the Company Details(as shown below).

A. Billing Address

1. Mobile: Enter the Mobile no.

The rest of the fields i.e. Email ID, Firm Name, Address, Country will be filled automatically.

2. State/Province: Enter the required state as per the requirement.

3. City: Enter the required City as per the requirement.

4. Zip/Postal Code: Enter the required Postal Code as per the requirement.

5. RemarksEnter the remarks if any.

B. GSTIN Details

1. GSTIN: Enter the GSTIN as per the requirement. 

  • Once the user has filled all the required details then click on 'Pay Now'.

  • Now, different payment methods will appear. The user will select the desired method through which the payment needs to be done.
  • Then click on 'Pay Now'. 
  • As the user will click on 'Pay Now', the payment will be done and the desired eBusiness plan will get renewed.

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