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If Salesman ledger not show in salesman setup ?




This issue appears when the 'Sundry Creditors(Fields Staff)' Account Group has not been selected at the time of the creating ledger of salesmen.


In order to resolve this issue, the user needs to change the Account group of salesman ledger with 'Sundry Creditors(Fields Staff)' by following the below steps:

1. Go to Masters > Ledger Master Ledger Modify Ledger. Press Enter.

2. Press 'F3' function key on selected salesman ledger.

3. Select 'Ledger Detail'.

4. Click on Modify.

5. Then, In 'Account group' option, the user will select 'No'.

6. Thereafter, a Groups window will appear. Select "Sundry Creditors(Fields Staff) then press Enter on it.

7. Now, press Ctrl+W to Save the changes.

After following the above steps, the salesman ledger will get displayed in salesman setup.

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