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Process to Cheque Printing Setup in HRXpert Software



Overview of Cheque Printing Setup Option in HRXpert Software

Process of Cheque Printing Setup in HRXpert Software


  • Cheque Printing Setup provision in HRXpert Software enables the employer to create a setup for Cheque printing and print copies of the cheques directly from the software.
  • The employer can easily set dimensions, font size, margins and length for printing the desired cheques from the software.


  • Go to Masters >> Employee Master.

  • An ‘Employee Master’ window will appear.
  •  The employer will go to the record of those employees whose salary is being paid through cheque and then click on ‘Edit’.

  • Click on ‘Salary Structure’ Tab.

  • Select the Payment Mode i.e. Cheque.

  • Click on ‘Save’.

  • Now, go to Admin Tools >> Cheque Printing Setup.

The employer can use Cheque Printing Setup option only when the details of Bank is been added in the Bank Master.

  • A ‘Cheque Printing Setup’ window will appear.
  • As the employer has already entered the Bill Details, then select the options from the following fields:

a. Bank Name: Select the Bank. Suppose, ICICI Bank.

Then Click on ‘Edit’.

Fig 1 View of Cheque Printing Setup Window in HRXpert Software

b. Branch: It is selected by default.

c. Dimension: Select the dimensions i.e. in which dimensions the employer needs to do the setup of Cheque Printing like Inch, Centimeter or Millimetre

 Suppose select ‘Inch’.

d. Font: Select the ‘Font’. 

Suppose select ‘Arial’.

  • Then, set the Margins. Like, the employer can set the margin of ‘Date’ i.e. Top & Left. Then set the length of the date and its font size.
  • Similarly, the employer can set the margin of ‘Payee Name’ i.e. Top & Left. Then define the length and set its font size.
  • So, the employer can set the margin as per the requirementFor now, the employer will keep these settings as default.

  • Now, if the employer needs to view the process of printing the cheque then click on‘Test’.

  • ‘Dummy Cheque Printing’ window will appear.
  • The employer can view the details of Dummy Cheque Printing.
  • The employer can change the details of Dummy Cheque Printing as per the requirement.

  • Click on ‘Okay’.

  • Now, the employer can view the preview of printing of the cheque i.e. how the cheque will be printed.

  • The employer can also print the cheque by clicking on the icon of Print.

 In order to print the cheque, the employer will set a blank cheque in the printer before printing any cheque.

  • Press ‘Esc’ key to come out from the preview window.

  • Then click on ‘Save’.

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