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How to Add Employee Application Form in HRXpert Software ?


  • Go to HRD Module > Employee Reports > Application Process.

  • An 'Application Form' window will appear.
  • Click on ‘Add’ to add application form.

  • An Alert window of ‘Wish to Add New Applicant Detail?’ will appear.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to add New Applicant.

The employer will mention the details as per the requirement.

Note: Field with '*' sign are mandatory to be filled.

a. Applicant Name: Enter the name of the employee who is applying for job vacancy.

b. Father’s Name: Enter the father’s name of that applicant.

c. Date of birth: Enter the date of birth of that applicant.

d. Address: Enter the address of that applicant.

e. State: Enter the state of that applicant.

f. Educational Qualification: Enter the educational qualification of that applicant.

g. Contact No.: Enter the contact number of that applicant.

h. Applied Post: Select the post for which the applicant is applying.

i. Last Salary: Enter the last salary of that applicant.

j. Notice Period: Enter the notice period of the current company.

k. Application Recd on: Enter on which date the application was received.

l. Gender: Enter the Gender of applicant.

m. City: Enter the City of applicant.

n. Marital Status: Enter the Marital status of applicant.

o. Prof./Tech. Qualification: Enter the Technical qualification.

p. E-mail id: Enter the email id of applicant.

q. Work Experience: Enter how many work experience he/she have.

r. Expected Salary: Enter expected salary of the applicant.

s. Attach CV: Attach applicant's CV.

Now the employer will click on 'Save' button.

After following the above steps, the employer can Add Employee Application Form in HRXpert Software.

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