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How to Export Fare Rate Card report in CSV in SFAXpert Software ?



Process to Export Fare Rate Card Report in CSV from SFAXpert Software

Overview:  Marg SFAXpert Software displays the graph of sales by which the user can easily evaluate the performance of sales person. In the software, the owner can maintain & manage the record of all users and the supervisor can also fix and export the expenses incurred on each user. The supervisor can specify the travelling fare rate for user as per their designation and can export the same accordingly.

Follow the below steps for the same:

Firstly, go to Admin Utility > Expense > Fare Rate.

Select the type as “User” and status as “Active” to view the list of active users.

In next option, the user will specify the Designation to view the list and then mention the fare accordingly.

The list of users will appear as per the selected designation. Now, select the user from list and specify the other details.

Then, specify the Distance (From distance and To distance) which the user decides in their travel plans. Then, specify the Fare type (in KM or Lump sum), Fare Amount, Fare Code and DA (Daily Allowance) Amount on the screen. Then, click on “Submit” button.

After that, the specified details will appear on the below screen. 

To export the same report, the user will click on the above icon of CSV above.

The report will get downloaded on the system in CSV format.

To view the exported report, the user will click on the downloaded file.

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