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How to see all Debtors/Creditors with opening ?



Go to Reports  > Account Report Sundry Debtors /Sundry Creditors > Press F7 > value above -- 0 > View ALT +P > without  opening -- No > Accept

 Go to Master > Ledger Master > Modify Ledger > Press ALT+P > Without Opening--N A/C Wise Group---Y Then View/excel/pdf as per the requirement.



Alternative Solution:-

Go to Master > Ledger master > Modify ledger > All ledger window will be appear > Press TAB key > Search window will be appear > Group---"Yes" > Group selection window will be appear > press enter on Sundry creditors > Sundry creditors ledger will be filter > Press Alt+P > Print list window will be appear > There is a option shown Without opening---"No" >Then click on Excel/View/print as per the requirement.

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