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How to view Bill Adjustment Report in Marg Software?



In Marg Software, the user can easily view the report of those bills which have been adjusted at the time of receiving payment and the details about the bill no,bill date, due date etc.

In order to view the Bill Adjustment Report, the user needs to follow the below steps:

  • Go to Reports > Accounts Reports > Bill Adjustment > All bill.

  • An 'Adjustment' window will appear. Feed Date range.
  • In 'Adjustment For' option, the user can select Sale, Purchase, Contra, etc. as per requirement.
  • Suppose select 'Sale'.
  • Now, click on 'View'.

  • Now, the user can view Bill Adjustment statement.
  • If user needs to view/Export the report in PDF/Excel/GUI-View format that can be easily done.
  • Suppose click on 'PDF'.

  • Then select the option as per the requirement and click on GUI-View /PDF/Word/Excel.
  • Suppose, click on 'GUI-View'.

  • Now, select printing port as per user requirement.
  • Then click on 'Okay'.

After following the above steps, the user can view the Bill Adjustment report will get generate.


1. Go to Books > Collection Reports > Bill Status/Party Area > All bill.

2. An Adjustment window will appear. Feed Date range.

3. In 'Adjustment For' option, the user will select 'Sale'.

4. Click on View/Print as per the requirement.

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