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How to print Item discount in Barcode format ?



1. Firstly, Go to Masters > Marg Setup > Self format >>> Press Enter.

2. Enter the current date in reverse format

3. Select Barcode Format---->PRN.

4. Now press enter and select format.

5. A setup window will appear. Press enter.

6. In order to print on Format part, the user will select Format option.

6. Now the user will press "F1" function key from the keyboard. 

7. Search “Item Discount” under Description.

8. The user will enter onDiscount %1.

9. Then press "F3" function key to apply the command < SB_DISC1,6,2 >.

10. Now, press “Ctrl +W”in order to save it.

11. Then click on "Save" to save the changes.

After following the above steps the user can print the item discount in Barcode format.

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