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How to remove Price Difference Heading in Bill Format ?



This Problem occur When customer create sale entry for sample means customer sale goods to customer for sale promotion 

 To Resolve this Issue Follow the below steps :

1.First you have to modify that particular Entry by go to transaction > Sale > Modify Bill > press Enter  For Modify > Click On Modify > when cursor stop on Item press f3 on selected item > There is the option of item code > Feed ### > the users have to follow the same procedure  in all Selected  item  which you want to sale item for promotion Feed ###  in item code > save Bill.

2. Go to Master > Marg Setup > Self Format > Select invoice format-98 [DMP]/99[GUI] > Select Format > Item > Select all command by pressing CTRL+A and to Copy All Command the users have to press the CTRL + C > Press ESC Key >  Quit > Item <###> press Enter > Paste ALL Command > then press CTRL+W to SAVE >> click on SAVE.                                                                              

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