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How we can merge tag no ?



If user wants to merge selected tag no. then the user will follow the below steps:-

1. Go to Accounts > Bill Taging/Selective Os > Bill tagging window will be appear > Tag index---"Party+Bill" & Tag For---"Tag No."  > Then click on Ok > Load pending cash window window will appear select as "No" and press enter.

2. In next window user will feed the Tag No. i.e. which user wants to merge and press enter > Selected Tag No.all bills are loaded then the user will Press "F2" function key > Thereafter a selection window will be appear then the user will select Load Tag No. and feed the Tag No. with which tag no. user wants to merge selected tag no. > Press enter.

3. Merged tag no all bills gets loaded then user will press TAB key from the keyboard and select M.R. according to the requirement.

4. Then feed New Tag No. & remark and press enter then click on Accept.

After following the above steps selected tag number gets merged.

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