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How to Export Sale Bill into PDF Format in Marg Software ?



Marg Software has provided a very beneficial provision in the software through which the user can easily export the Sale Bill in PDF format as per the requirement.

Apart from this, the user can also export and import the Sale & Purchase Bills in any format (Excel, Word, PDF, CSV, etc.).

In order to Export Sale Bill in PDF format, the user needs to follow the below steps:

  • Go to Transaction > Sale > Modify bill.

  • A 'Modify' window will appear. 
  • The user will select options bill no, bill date etc. as per the requirement and press 'PageDown' key.

  • A 'Sale as On' window will appear.
  • The user will press 'F11' key on particular entry which needs to be save into PDF format.

  • An 'Email' window will appear.
  • Then select 'Save Bill Format in PDF'.

  • A 'Save' window will appear in which the software will automatically pick the default path where the PDF will be saved.

Note: The user can also edit the path (if required).

  • The user will click on ‘Accept’.

  • Now, the user can view the alert of 'File Saved'.

Suppose in our case the path is 'D:\AKASHLICENCE12\users\27559\report\S0000023.PDF' , so follow the path and got the selected bill in PDF.                                               

After following the above steps, the user can view Sale bill will get Export in PDF Format in Marg Software.


1. Go to Transaction > Sale > Modify bill.

2. A Modify window will appear. Select the options as per the Requirement i.e. bill no, bill date etc. and then press 'Page Down' key.

3. A sale as on window will appear. Press 'Enter' on particular entry which user wants to save into pdf format.

4. Then click on 'Print' tab.

5. Thereafter, a print window will appear. Press 'O' from the keyboard.

6. A Report in format window will appear. In order to save bill into PDF format, the user will click on PDF tab. 

After following the above steps all user can save bill in PDF format.

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