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How to load Quotation in Sale Bill in Marg Software?


  • Go to Transactions > Sale > Bill.

  • A ‘Sale Entry’ window will appear.
  • The user will select the  Ledger/Party as per the requirement.
  • Suppose select ‘Abhay Singh’.

  • Then the user will press ‘Ctrl+T’ key.

A ‘Load Bill’ window will appear with different fields:

1. Copy of Bill No.: It means that if there is any bill in which all the quotation items are being included along with same quantity and other details and the user needs to load it in the bill. So, mention the ‘Bill No.’ here.

2. Quotation No.: Mention the Quotation No. which is being provided to the party.

3. Batch Selection On: It means that whether the user needs to do the selection of the items on ‘Fifo’ basis or on ‘Issued’ basis.

Here, ‘Fifo’ means that the batch which is being created first and ‘Issued’ means the batch which is required to be issued as per the user’s requirement.

Suppose select ‘Fifo’. Press ‘Enter’ key.

  • Now, the user can view that all the quotation items and other details are being displayed

  • The user will press ‘F10’ key in order to load the quotation items in the bill.

  • The user can now view that the quotation items will get loaded in the bill

  • The user will press ‘Tab’ key to save the bill.

  • Then click on 'Yes' to save the details.

After following the above steps, the user can Load Quotation in Sale bill.

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