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What is the process of Cheque Book Management in Marg Software?



Overview of Cheque Book Management in Marg Software

Process of Cheque Book Management in Marg Software


  • Every business requires cheque books of multiple banks for the purpose of doing transactions and to manage those cheques becomes hectic and time consuming. 
  • With the help of Cheque Book Management option in Marg Software, the user can easily maintain cheques and cheque books accurately of each bank in a systemized manner.


  • Go to Books >> Cheque Management.

  • A 'Cheque Management' window will appear.
  • Click on 'Add/Modify' button.

  • Now click on 'Add'.

1. Bank: Select the bank whose cheque book the user needs to be created.

Suppose select 'Bank of Baroda'.

2. Cheque From: Define the first cheque number of the cheque book.

Suppose, mention '00001'.

3. Cheque To: Define the last cheque number of the cheque book.

Suppose, mention '00050'.

4. Total Cheques: In this option, the software will calculate the total number of the cheques automatically.

5. Receiving Date: mention the receiving date of the cheques.

Suppose mention '01/08/2021'.

6. Maximum Amt: In this option, the user will mention the Maximum limit of cheque amount.

Suppose the user wants that the maximum payment amount from Emmy cheque from this Cheque Book should not be exceed Rs. 30,000.

Suppose mention '30,000'.

7. Used For/Remark: Mention the Remark of the Cheque Book.

Suppose mention 'For Payment to Suppliers'.

  • Then click on 'Save' to save the details.

  • After following the above steps, the cheque book will be added in the software.

Now Let's create a Payment entry.

  • Go to Accounts >> Voucher Entry >> Payment >> Payment.

  • A 'Voucher Entry' window will appear
  • The user will enter the date on which payment is to be paid or has been paid.

  • Then a 'Ledgers' window will appear.
  • The user will select the ledger to whom the payment amount is to be paid and will press 'Enter' on it.
  • Suppose, Select 'Ranbaxy India Ltd.'.

  • Now the user will mention the amount of the payment as per the requirement.

  • A 'Bill Adjustment' window will appear.
  • The user will select bill adjustment type i.e. Adj. Ref, New Ref, etc.

1. Adj. Ref: Select when user is paying the amount against any purchase bill.

2. New Ref. : Select when the amount of payment is being paid as an advance.

  • Suppose Select 'Adj. Ref.'.

  • A 'Pending Invoice' window will appear.
  • The user will select the bill against which the payment has been made then press 'Enter' on it.

  • Now the software picks the mode of payment i.e. Cash/Back automatically according to the last transaction.

However, if user needs to change it then user needs to press Space bar key on on it

  • Suppose select 'Bank of Baroda'.

  • Then press 'Enter' key.

  •  Now mention the Cheque number.
  • Suppose mention '00001'.

  • Mention Narration as per the requirement.

  • Then click on 'Save' to save the voucher.

Note: The software will pick the next voucher number automatically at the time of creating payment entry.

  • After creating the payment entry the user can view the cheque book status i.e.

1. Available Cheque: 49

2. Un-Reconcile Cheques: 1

  • In order to view further details , the user will press 'Enter' on it.

  • So, here is shows that from which cheque book with cheque has been used.

  • The user will again press 'Enter' to view further details.

  • Now the user  can view to which party the payment was made.

The user will also search the voucher entry on different basis like Cheqye No., Party, Amount and Status as per the requirement.

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