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How to enable Tag collection report in collection head ?



Process to Enable Tag Collection Report in Collection Head

Overview: In Marg software there is feature available for bill tagging which is used in a manner the system operator will create a tag of each statement he issues to the field person by giving a separate tag number for each tag

By this the system generates the receipt vouchers automatically and updates the debtor’s outstanding balances and software also has report for tag collection.

If user want to enable it from the collection head then follow the given steps:

Firstly, Go to Masters >> Marg Setups >> Control Room. Press Enter.

Control Room window will appear.

The user will select Search in All’. Press Enter.

A Controls  window will appear in which the will Search Bill Tag”.

Now click on ‘Accept’.

A Bill Tag window will appear.

In ‘Bill Tagging collection report required 1- Yes 2-No’ the user will select “1”.

The user will now press Escape  key twice.

Now click on ‘Yes’ to  Save changes.

In order to check implementation of enabling tag collectionreport under collection head user can Go to Books > Collection Report > Tag Collection Report.

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