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How to Create One to Many Conversion Entry in Marg Software?



Overview/ Introduction to Conversion in Marg Software

Enabling the Conversion Option in Marg Software

Implementation Process of One to Many Conversion in Marg Software


The Conversion option is basically used to convert the material of one kind into multiple packages. This option is also used to create an item by using multiple kinds of material.

The user can use this option in two ways, which are as follows:

  • One to Many
  • Many to One

The Conversion option is mostly used in departmental stores. For example, if the user purchases 100 kg of sugar and needs to make the packages in different variants of 1kg, 2kg and 5kg & vice versa, then through the conversion option the user can sell these variants as per the customer's requirement and the software would automatically decrease the sold quantity from the total stock.


In order to enable conversion option, the user will follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, Go to Masters > Marg Setups > Control Room. Press Enter.

  • A 'Control Room' window will appear.
  • The user will select ‘Search in all’. Press 'Enter'.

  • A 'Controls' window will appear in which the user will search 'Conversion'.
  • Now click on ‘Accept’.

  • A 'Conversion' window will appear.
  • In 'Conversion Entry  Y-Dont Effect A/c E-Effect A/c  N-Not Required' option the user will select the criteria as per the requirement.

If select 'Y', then only the inventory would be affected.

If select 'E'both inventory and accounts would be affected; and

If select 'N', none of the inventory and accounts is affected.

Suppose select 'Y'.

  • The user will now press 'ESC' key twice.

  • Now click on ‘Yes’ to save the changes.

After following the above steps, the Conversion option will get enabled in Transactions menu.

The user can view the different options of conversion, which are as follows:

a. One to Many- New: It allows the user to make multiple packages from one kind of material.

For Example: A departmental stores purchasing sugar in bulk and creating many small packets of 1kga and 2kg.

b. One to Many-Modify: It allows the user can modify the entries made under one to many conversion option.

c. Many to One-New: It allows the user to make a single item from multiple kinds of material.

For Example: Combining raw materials like black paper, cloves, cardamom etc. to prepare Garam Masala.

d. Many to One-Modify: It allows the user can modify the entries made under Many to one conversion option.


  • Go to Masters >> Inventory Master > Item Master.

  • A 'Items' window will appear where the user will press 'F2' key to create item.

  • A 'New Product' window will appear in which the user will enter the Product name, Unit, Purchase Rate (Suppose 200).
  • Then press 'Ctrl+Wand click on 'Yes' to Save the Changes.

  • Similarly, create another product (Sugar 1 Kg, 5 kg) with Unit, Sale Rate (Suppose 20) >>Save the Changes.

The Conversion will be done on the basis of packets which is being created. Like, here 1 kg packet of sugar is being created so Conversion will also be 1.

  • Now, create a Purchase Bill. Go to Transactions > Purchase > Bill (Alt + P).

  • A 'Purchase Entry' window will appear. Select the Party ledger.

  • Then select item as per the the requirement.
  • Suppose select 'Sugar Bag'.

  • Then press 'Ctrl+W' and click on 'Yes' to save the changes.

**Creating a ledger of 'Production Department**

  • In order to create a New Ledger. Go to Masters >> Ledger Master >> Ledger > New Ledger.


  • Here, the user will create a new ledger i.e. PRODUCTION this ledger will be created under the SUNDRY CREDITORS (Manufacturers) Group.

  • Enter the name of the ledger i.e. Production Department.
  • Then press 'Ctrl+W' to save the ledger.

Now, the Production department ledger is created.

**Creating a One To Many Conversion Entry**

  • Go to Transactions > Conversion > One to Many-New.

  • A 'Conversion One To Many' window will appear. Select the ledger of Production department.

  • Select the Item (Sugar Bag) of whose packets has to be created.

  • Then select whether that particular item is Taxable or not.

  • Now, select the item in which the user want to add quantity (Small unit).
  • Suppose, select 'Sugar 1KG & Sugar 5KG'.

  • Press “End” key and it displays the No. of Quantities which is being deducted from the Sugar Bag.

  • Then press 'Ctrl+W' and the click on 'Yes' to save the bill.

**Effect of One to Many Entry on Inventory**

After passing this entry the user can check the stock by going to Masters >> Inventory Master >> Item Master and will find that Total Stock from Sugar has been reduced by 15 Kgs and the stock of Sugar = 01Kg has been increased by 05 Kg and Sugar = 05Kg has been increased by 02 pcs i.e. 10kg.

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