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How to print Scrap Store Items in Marg Software ?



In order to print Scrap Store Items in Marg Software , the user needs to follow the below steps:

  • Go to Stocks Current Stock.

  • A 'Closing Report' window will appear in which user needs to press 'F9' key.

  • A 'Store' window will appear.
  • Select 'Scrap Store'.

  • A 'Scrap Store: Closing Stock' window will appear in which user will Press 'Alt+P'.

  • 'Report' window will appear.
  • Select 'Stock Statement' option.

  • In next window user will select 'Separate/Summary/No' as per the user requirement and then press 'Enter' key thrice.

  • Click on 'Print' button.

  • A 'Printer Port' window will appear. 
  • Select port as per the requirement and then click on 'Okay'.

After following the above steps, the Scrap Store items will get printed.

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