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What is the Process of Email Setup in Marg Software ?



Overview Of E-Mail Setup In Marg Software

Process Of E-Mail Setup In Marg Software

Process To Send Bill On E-Mail In Marg Software


  • In Marg Software, E-mail Setup is a facility for the user to send the softcopy and PDF of the sale bill/ purchase bill.
  • E-mail Setup in Marg Software allows the user to send an E-Mail of softcopy and PDF on the issue and receive and also to send e-mail on new bill, modify bill and on bill audits.


  • Go to Masters > Marg Setups > Control Room.

  • A 'Control Room' window will appear.
  • The user will select 'E-Mail Setup'.

  • Now click on ‘Accept’.

An 'E-Mail Setup' window will appear.

a. Email Send From X-No S-MARG Server I-Individual Computer: Select the option as per the requirement.

S-Marg Server: Select the option if needs to send Email through Server of Marg

I-Individual Computer: Select the option if need to send an Email through the computer.

Suppose select 'I'.

b. Email Send from W-Marg Wallet [Default] O-Outlook M-SMTP: Select the option 'M'.

c. If SMTP: If the user has an account on Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Rediffmail/ibibo then the user will enter 'Smtp.gmail.com' and Port number '465'.

d. From Mail I.D: The user will now enter the e-mail ID from which the E-mail needs to be sent.

e. User ID: The user will enter the same E-mail ID, mentioned in 'From Mail ID'.

F. Want to Change Password: The user will select 'Y'.

  • Login to 'Gmail Account'.

  • From the right side of the Gmail Account, click on the 'alphabet' icon.
  • Click on ‘Manage your Google Account’.

  • Click on the 'Security' tab.

  • Now click on '2-Step Verification' option.

  • Click on 'Get Started' tab.

  • Enter the Gmail 'Password' and click on 'Next' tab.

  • The user will mention the mobile number which is linked to the Gmail account.

  • Then select the ‘medium’ through which the Code needs to be received i.e. Text Message or Call.
  • Suppose select Text message' and click on 'Next'.

  • The user will enter the OTP which is received via text message.
  • Click on 'Next' tab.

  • A ‘2-Step Verification’ window will appear.
  • Now the user will turn on the option of 2-Step Verification.

  • The user will again click on ‘Manage your Account’ tab.

  • Click on ‘Security’ tab.

  • The user will click on ‘2- Step Verification’ option.

  • ‘2- Step Verification’ window will appear.
  • Click on ‘App Passwords’.

  • In Case 'App Password' option does not display in 2-Step Verification'.
  • Search 'App' after entering in the 'Security' Tab and click on 'App Passwords'.