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How to search Duplicate Voucher Number in Marg Software ?



How to Search Duplicate Voucher No

If user needs to search already added invoice number then they need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Go to Books > Entry Book > Day Book.

Select the date range of report. If the user needs to view report of any particular ledger then select below mentioned option of Selected Ledger.

A Day book window will appear where the user will press F5 to filter the report. 

The window to filter the report as per the requirement will appear. Here, mention the voucher number whose duplicity needs to be viewed. 

Then, press enter on the next few options and a list to select vouchers will appear. Here, select the voucher of which transaction the user needs to filter.

Select the date range again to filter the report. 

Now, the user will get the filtered report with the same voucher number which is being mentioned in earlier screen. If any duplicate vouchers with that voucher number exists in the database then it will get filtered. 


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