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How to resolve Syntax / DBF / Program Error and Speed issue in Marg Software ?



In Marg Software sometimes shows error at the time of opening it (as shown in below image), then it can be resolved easily.

1.Corruption in Database File: It can be caused due to Power failure, Shutdown system without closing the software etc.

2. File locking problems (Security Check): It restricts access to a computer file by allowing only one user or process to modify or delete it in a specific time and to prevent reading of the file while it's being modified or deleted.

3. Large no. of temporary files: It can also be a cause for DBF error because large no. of temporary files may lead to the junk in system and it can corrupts the data as well.

4. Antivirus Issue: It becomes a cause for DBF Error when antivirus doesn’t support the software or the folder of Marg gets included in the antivirus.

Whenever a .DBF file is damaged due to any reason then we have many ways to fix it. 

1. Run Error Checking: Firstly user needs to Run error checking in the software, however if the problem remains same then move on to the next step.

2. Remove CDX and Temporary file: Thereafter user can also check it by deleting Temporary files of the software.

3. Take IMP Backup: Thereafter user needs to take the IMP Backup to check whether if there is any corruption in database file.

  • If, Yes then simply user can recover that data base file and then the problem will get resolved.
  • If, No then user needs to follow the next step.

Note 1: Sometimes the error may get resolved by taking the IMP backup.

4. Antivirus IssueSometimes the folder of the software gets included in the antivirus so user needs to exclude the Marg folder from the antivirus.

Note 2: Sometimes the error will get resolved only by uninstalling the antivirus because some of the antivirus doesn’t support the software i.e. bytefence.

5. Security Check: Sometimes software does not have that permissions which are required, so that user also needs to check the Security and Permissions which have been given to the folder or drive.

6. Install New Demo: If the issue remains same then user needs to install the new setup of Marg, then check whether the DBF opens in new setup or not.

  • If, Yes then user needs to format the window or to change the system.

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