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How to recover Maorder file in Marg Software ?



In Marg Software, the user can Recover the Maorder File, which contains Patient and Doctor details. 

In order to Recover Maorder File, the user needs to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly the user will ‘Right Click’ on the Marg Icon created on the Desktop and click on ‘Open File Location’.

  • Now the Data Base files of the software will appear.
  • The user will search the ‘Data’ folder and open it.

  • The user will search ‘maorder’ file (Extension of the file should be as same as of the company).

  • Now, the user will rename the file.
  • Suppose mention ‘OLD’ after the ‘maorder.e01’ in file name (as shown in below image)

  • An alert of ‘Rename’ window will appear.
  • The user will click on ‘Yes’.

  • To recover the file the user needs to run the software. Right Click on Marg Icon and then select ‘Run as administrator’.

  • The ‘List of companies’ window will appear.
  • The user will press ‘ESC’ key.

  • An ‘Exit’ window will appear.
  • In 'Sure to Quit', the user will select ‘Yes’.

  • A ‘Marg Backup’ window will appear.
  • Now the user will select ‘Backup’.

  • Now a 'Marg' window will appear with All the companies along with the financial year.
  • The user will select the Company with that extension of the financial year in which the user needs to recover data.

Note: The user will Press 'Spacebar' or Plus '+' key to select a particular company or Press Asterisk '*' to select All companies. 

  • Suppose select ‘Marg ERP Chemist - Chemist’.

  • Now, the user will press ‘Enter key.

  • A ‘Marg’ window will appear where the user can view the backup path wherever the Backups are saved.