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How to view filtered stock of Random Items in Marg Software?



Filtered Stock of Random Items option of Marg software has been designed by keeping the requirement of all the users in view, specially for the users who keeps close eye on the stock inflows & outflows in the firm. 

Also, sometimes it seems difficult to analysis the stock of each and every item. Therefore, with the help of this option the user can easily analyse the random items and get an idea about the status of whole items.

In order to know the process follow the given steps:

  • Go to Stocks > Filtered Stock.

  • A 'Filtered Stock' window will appear.
  • In 'Stock as on' option, mention the date up to which report needs to be viewed.
  • In 'Stock Status' option , select 'Random'.

    • Now mention the No. of items (to be considered in random stock).
    • Suppose mention 10.

    • Now select other options as per the requirement and click on 'Accept'.

    Now, the filter stock of random items will get displayed, where the user needs to press 'ALT+P' key to print the report.

    • In next window, select 'Stock Statement'.

    • An 'Index on' window will appear.
    • Select the option as per the requirement.
    • Suppose select 'Group Type'.

    • Select 'Company'.

    • A 'Group' window will appear, where the user can set all the options as per the requirement.
    • Then click on 'View'.

    After following the above steps, the user can view the filtered stock of Random Items in Marg Software.

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