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How to make online payment for Renewal of Marg Software ?



Overview & Need to Renew Marg Software

Steps For Marg Licence Renewal From Website


  • The need to renew the software licence occurs to fix the bugs and patches thereby securing the system and to receive regular updates about the features.
  • The user can Renew the Marg Licence in 3 ways:
  • Through Marg ERP Software
  • Through Marg Website
  • Through SMS


  • Click on the “Payment” option from the first menu bar of the website. 

  • A “Marg Payment Gateway” window will appear with different options i.e. eBusiness, Licence & Others.
  • The user will select “Licence”.

  • As the user will click on Licence then 3 windows will appear i.e. Payment Details, Billing Address, GSTIN Detail along with their different fields which are required to be filled for Licence Renewal.

A. Payment Details

1. Licence No. Enter the Licence No/Customer ID of Marg Software. Suppose, enter 207953

2. Captcha: Enter the captcha as shown. Suppose, enter SYPICB

3. No. of Users: Enter the no. of users. Suppose, enter 1

Then Click on “Tick” icon and rest of the fields i.e. Basic Amount, Total Amount, Allowed Users, GST 18%, Extra users amount, Final Amount will be filled automatically.

B. Billing Address

1. Mobile: Enter the Mobile no. Suppose, 8470822226

Rest of the fields i.e. Email ID, Firm Name, Address, City will be filled automatically.

2. State/Province: Enter the required state as per the requirement.

3. Zip/Postal Code: Enter the required Postal Code as per the requirement.

4. RemarksEnter the remarks if any.

C. GSTIN Details

1. GSTIN: Enter the 'GSTIN' as per the requirement. 

  • Once the user has filled all the required details then click on “Pay Now”.

  • Now, different payment methods will appear. The user will select the desired method through which the payment needs to be done.
  • Then click on “Pay Now”.
  • As the user will click on “Pay Now”, the payment will be done and the licence file will be received at their registered Email-ID.

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