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How to Change the system for Marg Software?



In Marg ERP Software, the user can change the system as per the requirement. In order to change the system the user needs to copy Marg Folder from the existing system and paste it into any external drive i.e. Pan Drive etc. 

Note: The user also needs to copy and paste backup folders in external Drive.

To know the process of copy folder user needs to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, Go to Desktop > Select Marg icon then right click it > Select open file location.

  • Then Marg Folder will open in which the user will press ‘Backspace’ to switch over to the main folder.

  • Now the user get switched over to that drive in which the Marg has been installed.
  • The user will select and copy the folder by pressing "Ctrl+C" on it.

Note: At the time of Copying the folder user has to make sure that software and server file should be closed.

  • Thereafter user will paste the copied folder in external drive.
  • Suppose, Select 'E Drive'.

  • Then E-Drive will open.
  • Press 'Ctrl+V' to paste the Marg Folder.

After following the above steps, the Marg folder will get copied in external drive, Now the user needs to copy it in required system and follow the Process of Re-Registration.

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