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How to Generate GSTR 1 in CSV File in Marg Software?


  • Go to GST > GSTR1.

  • A 'Marg GST Summary' window will appear.
  • The user will mention the period of the Gst Report as per the requirement.
  • Then click on 'Show'.

  • 'Marg GST Summary' window will appear.
  • Click on 'GSTR1 Returns'.

'GSTR 1' window will appear.

The user will select 'GSTN CSV Sheets'.

a. B2B/B2C/CDN Nill entries in Exemp : Select if the user needs to export separate details of nil rated entries in csv.

b. Include HSN Summary : Select if the user needs to export HSN Summary in csv.

c. Include -ve figures in HSN Sheet : Select if the user needs to include -ve value of HSN in HSN summary details.

d. Include Document details :  Select, If the user needs to Export document details in csv.

Then click on 'Start'.

  • An 'Errors found in GST Returns' window will appear
  • In this window if the user has found any errors in GSTR1 report then those errors will be shown here.
  • Click on 'Close'.

  • An alert of 'Are you sure to prepare CSV Sheets ?' window will appear.
  • Click on 'Yes'.

  • A 'Marg ERP 9+' alert will appear with the mentioned path of GST Return folder where the file will get Saved.
  • Click on 'Ok'.

After following the above details, the user can view GSTR 1 in CSV file will get generate in Marg Software.

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