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How to view yearly GSTR-1 report in Marg Software?



With the help of yearly report of GSTR-1, you will get all the details of GSTR-1 i.e. B2b,B2c small & large & Nil rated also with summary details of all the months of the years separately.

Also, with the help of this report user can get a separate comparable data of all past returns filed, which can be stored and shared with stakeholders and clients.

In order to view the same, follow the give steps:

  • Firstly, Go to GST > GST Reports . Press Enter.

  • A GST MISC. Report window will appear.
  • Now select 'Yearly GSTR-1 Report'.

  • Thereafter, Month wise GSTR window will appear.
  • From Month: Select the month from which the report needs to be viewed.
  • To Month: Select the month till which the report needs to be viewed.
  • Now click on View/Print/Excel as per the requirement.
  • Suppose, click on View.

  • As you can view the report is being generated.

After following the above steps month wise GSTR- report for the selected period will get generated.

** Details of the report are as follows:**

1 B2B In this column you will get the details of registered dealer and to whom the goods are being sold is also a registered dealer so all the Local and Inter-state transactions will come under B2B..
2  B2C (Large Invoice)  Inter-state sale to consumer or unregistered dealer and if the transaction value is above 2.5 Lakhs. So, it will come under B2C large invoice.

B2C (Small Invoice)

If the transaction value is below 2.5 Lakhs then it will come under B2C small invoice.

4 Nil Rated It means if any stock item is Nil Rated on which no tax is applicable then those transactions are shown here..

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