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How to Email GSTR 1 Report in Marg Software ?



Marg Software has provided a very beneficial provision in the software through which the user can easily E-Mail GSTR-1 Report with his/her Accountant.

In order to E-Mail GSTR-1 Report, the user needs to follow the below steps:

Note: To use this option, the software must configured with E-mail Setup.

  • Go to Gst > GSTR 1.

  • A 'Marg GST Summary' window will appear.
  • Select the Period i.e. from which month till which month the user wants to view GSTR 1.
  • Then click on ‘Show’.

  • Click on 'GSTR1 Returns'.

  • A 'GSTR1' window will appear in which the user will select the report format i.e. in which the user needs to sent the report.
  • Suppose select 'GSTN Json file'.
  • Now the user will place checkmark in ‘E-mail’ option.

  • Then click on 'Start'.

  • Now, the user can view that JSON fIle has been generated.
  • Click on 'Ok'.

  • An 'Enter E-mail Address' window will appear.
  • The user will enter the mail id on which the report needs to be sent.
  • Click on 'Okay'.

After following the above steps, the user can E-Mail GSTR-1 Report in Marg Software.

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