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How to set Party wise Sale Rate in Marg Software ?



In Marg ERP software, the user can set party wise sales rate in order to differentiate the parties on the basis of retailers, wholesalers etc.

In order to set party wise sales rate, the user needs to follow the given steps: 

  • Firstly, Go to Masters > Ledger Master > Ledger > Modify Ledger.

  • A ‘Ledger Alteration’ window will appear.
  • Select the ledger and press 'Enter' key on it.
  • Suppose Select ‘Ahuja Medicine Center’.

  • The Selected ledger window will appear in which the user will select ‘Other details’ option and will press 'Enter' key on it.

  • The other details of the selected ledger will appear in which user will Select ‘Sales Rate’ as per the requirement.
  • Suppose Select ‘MRP’.

After following the above steps, the software will then create the sale bill of the selected party on the basis of the selected sales rate.

Suppose 'Ahuja medicine center’s' sale bill will be created on the basis of 'MRP'.

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