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How to enable Ledger Code in Ledger Master in Marg Software ?



In Marg ERP Software, the user can enable the Ledger code field in ledger details which is used for search ledger at the time of billing.

In order to enable ledger code, the user will follow the below steps:

  • Go to Master Marg Setups > Control Room. Press Enter.

  • Control Room window will appear.
  • The user will select ‘Search in All’. Press Enter.

  • A Controls window will appear. Then user will Search “Ledger Code”.
  • Click on ‘Accept’.

  • A Ledger Code window will appear.
  • In ‘Bill on Name/Code/DLNo/Area/Station/MR/moBile/Code+DLNo+Station-Y' option, the user will select “C”.
  • In 'Print Party Code with Name' option, the user will mention character of the ledger code as per the requirement.
  • Suppose,mention 4

  • The user will now press Escape key twice .

  • Then click on ‘Yes’ to Save the changes.

  • After that a  will appear in which software indicates to 'Run File maintenance' then user will click on 'Yes'.

  • Thereafter software start indexing the files.

After following the above steps the Ledger Code field will be enabled in Ledger master.

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