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How to Add Page / Banner / Social Link for Marg Mart Website ?



Overview Of Marg Mart

Process To Add Pages For Marg Mart Website


  • Marg ERP has introduced MargMart Website for its users, which allows them to effortlessly create their own website in just a few clicks.
  • It will be a fully customized e-commerce website connected directly to your Marg ERP database i.e. the customer orders will directly come into Marg ERP Software.
  • The stock will be live updated on your website, and you can easily add or remove items from the software on the website. Apart from this, the Rates, schemes, and much more can be managed through the software, and all the updates you make in the software will also be reflected on your website.
  • With the help of this process the user can create pages for site like About us/ Terms & coniditons / Home / Social Link etc,. The user can easily do the settings for Pages as per the requirement.


  • Go to CMS.

  • A window will appear where the user will select 'Pages'.

  • Now click on 'Add Pages' button to add page for marg mart site.

  • A 'General Information' window will appear.
  • In 'Page Title' option, the user select the title for page as per the requirement.
  • Suppose select Terms & Condition'.

  • Now the user will mention the Terms & Condition which they needs to display on site for customers.

  • The user can view the mentioned Terms & Conditions.

  • The user can set the font style and size as per the requirement (as shown in below image).

In 'Active' option, the user will select option as per the requirement.

a. Yes: Select the option if needs to display Terms & conditions on site.

b. No: Select the option if needs to hide Terms & conditions on site.

Suppose select 'Yes'.

  • Now the user will click on 'Save' button to save these details.

  • The user can view Terms & Condition will get save.

  • Similarly the user will click on 'Add' button to create more pages for site as per the requirement.

  • The user can view other added Pages (as shown in below image).

  • The user can 'Active or Inactive' the particular page from 'Status' option as per the requirement.

  • To Edit any particular page, the user needs to click on the dots (as shown in below image).

  • Here the user can view the Total pages / Active Pages / Inactive Pages.

  • Now the user will click on 'Banners' tab to add banners for site.