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How to Feed Ledger Opening Balance of Particular Ledger in Marg Software ?



The Opening Balances option used to specify the opening balance. For instance, if the user is dealing with the party from the past two years and now want to maintain its entry in the Marg software, then the old balances can be used to specify the opening balances of the party.

The ledger opening option used to enter the opening balances of the ledger accounts. If there are some previous outstanding balances of the company/party, it can be entered in this option.

Note:- If a company, which used to maintain its accounts manually, moves to the Marg software for its accounting needs, then the opening balance for each account needs to be entered individually in the system.

  • Go to Masters > Opening Balances > Ledger Openings.

  • An 'Opening Balances as on' window will appear with the ledger list.
  • Then select the desired ledger to enter the opening balance then press 'Enter' on it
  • Suppose select 'Ram Kumar'.

  • An 'Opening Balance' window will appear in which user will enter the amount.
  • Suppose entered '20000'.

  • An 'Opening Outstanding' window will appear.
  • The user will mention the details i.e. bill number, due days, remark as per the requirement.

Note:- In case ledger balances are posted on the 'On Account' basis, Marg software will not ask about the details but if the ledger balance are posted on the 'Bill by Bill' basis, then user need to provide the party bill details.

  • Then keep pressing 'Enter' and click on ‘Save’ to save the outstanding balances.

In this way the user can enter the opening balance in the party ledger.


1. Go to Master > Ledger > Modify Ledger.

2. Now the user will select the ledger whose opening balance needs to be mentioned then press 'Enter' on it.

3. Then the user will select 'Modify'. 

4. In 'Opening' field the user will mention the opening balance of the ledger as per the requirement.

5. Then press 'CTRL+W' key to save the details.

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