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Search Menu in Marg Software



Why the option of Search Menu is helpful for you?

This option helps you to find any of the option/report in the software and it seems as one stop solution for your all queries.

Also, the option redirects you to the desired option without following the steps to reach at that option.

In order to know the process, follow the given steps:

  • On the main screen of the software, click on 'Search Menu' or press F11 key.

  • A Search window will appear on which type the name of the required report/option.
  • Suppose, type 'Sale Book'.

  • Now all the report with the mentioned keyword will get appeared.
  • Select the desired report.
  • Suppose, select Books > Entry Books > Sale Book. Press Enter.

  • Thereafter software will re-direct you to the selected report.
  • Like in our case we've selected sale book.
  • Now feed date range and select the particular ledger (If needed) then press Enter.

After following the above steps the selected report will get generated.

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