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How to configure Laser Printer in Marg Software ?



Note: First install printer driver into system window and check printer takes a print out of test page properly.

  • Go to Masters Marg Setup Printer Setup .

  • Click on 'Change'.

  • The user will keep pressing 'Enter' key.
  • In 'Use settings if DMP Printer', the user will select 'TVSE MSP 250'.
  • In 'Use settings if LASER Printer', the user will select 'Windows GUI Printing'.

  • Now the user will keep pressing 'Enter' key .
  • In 'LPT1', the user will select 'Yes' .

  • A 'Printer' window will be appear.
  • The user will select the Laser Printer as per the requirement.
  • Then click on 'Ok'.
  • Suppose select 'Fax'.

  • Then the user will select 'Laser' from the dropdown.

  • The user can follow the above steps to change the laser printer in LPT2,LPT3 & LPT4 heads. Press 'Enter' key.

  • Click on 'Exit' to save the changes.


After following the above steps, the user can configure laser printer in Marg Software.

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