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What is the process of online Re-Registration ( Waiting for Server ) of Marg Software ?



Overview Of Re-Registration In Marg Software

Process Of Re-Registration In Marg Software


  • The user whenever formats the system without surrendering the license or changing the Hard disk of the system or the system only then software gets unregistered.
  • So, in this case, the user needs to Re-Register the Software for operating Marg Software.


  • Go to Masters > Marg Licencing > License Registration.

  • A 'License Registration' window will appear.
  • The software will auto-fetch the details of the License. Click on 'Online Registration'.

  • A Marg ERP 9+ alert of 'Generate New OTP for Change Licence Info' will appear.
  • Click on 'Yes'.

  • Another Marg ERP 9+ alert 'Check your Registered Mobile/Email for OTP' will appear.
  • Click on 'Ok'.

  • A Marg ERP 9+ alert of 'OTP for Change Licence Info' will appear.
  • The user will mention the OTP and click on 'Ok'.

  • An alert of 'Successfully submitted! Request send to your Authorised partner for Approval' will appear.
  • Click on 'Ok'.

  • The user will receive the SMS for the Registration process.

Note: Once the process of Re-registration is done the user needs to get approval from his/her service provider to receive the license file of the updated exception code.

  • Also, the user will receive the attached Licence file on the Registered E-mail ID.
  • Download the File.

  • Then the user will copy this file from the Location.

  • Now the user will Go to Desktop > Select Marg icon and right-click on it.
  • Select 'Open File Location'.

  • Then Marg folder will open where the user will paste the licence file.

  • Now, the user will Reopen Marg software.

  • A Marg ERP 9+ alert of 'CUSTID.INI available for Updation Want to Update' will appear.
  • Click on 'Yes' to update the license file.


After following the above steps, the Marg Software will be Registered.


  • Go to 'Login' section.
  • Here few options will be shown in this Drop-down, where the user will select 'Marg Registration' option.

  • ‘Marg Registration’ window will appear where the user will select ‘Re-Registration’.

  • A 'Re-Registration' window will appear.

The user needs to fill the details.

a. Customer ID: View Customer ID by opening Marg Software.

  • In 'Customer ID' option, the user will mention the Customer ID.

b. Enter Code: Enter the Captcha as mentioned in ‘Re-Registration’ window(E.g. 4me7b)

Then click on 'Submit'.

c. Enter OTP: Once the user will click on ‘Submit’ then an OTP will be shared on the Reg. Mobile No. for verification.

The user will enter the OTP.

  • Then click on ‘Verify OTP’ to Verify it.

d. Exception Code: Then enter the Exception Code.

To view the Exception Code, the user must log in with the supervisor ID of the software.

  • Now, go to Masters > Marg Licencing > Exception Code and Unique ID.

  • Now from here, the user will view the exception code and enter the same under the Re-Registration window.

Note: If the Exception code window doesn't open then please close the software and Run it as Administrator

  • Now, the user will enter the Exception code the same as the software.

In Case, if the user needs to update the Mobile No. & Email ID, then enter here the new Email ID & Mobile No. else mention the Reg. Mobile No. & Reg. Email ID. 

e. Mobile: Now, enter the Mobile No.

f. Email: Enter the Email ID.

  • After filling in all these details, click on 'Submit' button.

  • Then a message will be displayed 'Your Request For Re-Registration Submit Successfully, Please Check Your Mail Within 24 Hours'.

  • The user will receive the SMS for the Registration process.