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How to Ban Any Report for particular User in Marg Software ?


  • Go to Masters > Passwords & Powers > Operator's.

  • A 'Password & Authority' window will appear.
  • Select that user for which the report needs to be protect. Then Press 'F11' key on it.

  • A 'Report Hide Password ?' window will appear in which the user will mention the passwords.
  • Suppose mention '777'.

  • All options window will appear where the user will search report name which needs to be Ban.
  • Suppose the user needs to Ban Balance Sheet.
  • Therefore search 'Balance' and select the option 'Final Reports > Balance Sheet'.
  • Click on 'Select'.

  • A Marg ERP 9+ alert of 'Lock for all Balance sheet' will appear.
  • Click on 'Ok'.

  • Again all options window will appear, Press 'ESC' key.

  • A ‘Password & Authority window will appear where the user will press 'ESC' key.

  • Again Press 'ESC' key and click on ‘Yes’.

  • Now the user will press 'Ctrl+Tab' key on the main screen of the software.

  • Now for Re- login the user will press 'Ctrl+U' key on the main screen. 

  • A 'Change User' window will appear in which the user will enter the User ID and Password.

  • A 'Change User' window will appear in which the user will press 'ESC' key.

  • Now when the user will click on 'Balance Sheet' option.

  • The user can view window goes back to main screen of the software and report will not open.

After following the above steps, the Report will get banned for a User in Marg Software.

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