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How to view Cash Sale Tax Register in Marg Software ?



1. Go to Books > Sale Register. 

2. A 'Sales Account' window will appear. Press 'F3' on it.

3. Then a Sale Summary window will appear. Feed Date range and in 'Selected Parties', the user will select "Yes".

4. A Ledgers window will appear. Select 'Cash' ledger and then press 'Enter' on it. 

5. Then click on View/Print/Excel as per the requirement. 


1. Go to Taxation > Tax Registers & Summaries > Sales Register. Press Enter.

2. A Sales Register window will appear. Select 'Date Wise Register'.

3. A Date wise Register window will appear. Feed date range and in 'Select Parties', the user will select "Y".

4. A Ledgers window will appear. Select 'Cash' ledger and then press Enter on it.

5. Then click on View or Print as per the requirement.

6. A Heading window will appears where the user can change the report heading according to their requirement then press Page down key to view the report.

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