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How to view Whole Shortage Report in Marg Software?



With the help of Marg ERP software user can easily view the report of whole storage which provides the detail of  the shortage of an Item in the stock and that can be consider at the time of making Purchase Order.

In order to view the whole shortage report ,the user needs to follow the given steps:

  • Go to Masters > Shortage Reports > Whole Storage.

  • A 'Shortage List As On' window will appear 
  • The user will press 'ALT+P' to print the report.

  • A 'Report' window will appear.
  • The user will select 'Slip=All'.

  • 'Slip=All' window will appear. 
  • Select filters as per user requirement. Press 'Enter'.
  • The user will select View/Print/Excel as per the requirement.
  • Supposeselect 'View'.

  • A 'Select Company' window will appear in which the user will select company .

Note: Select single company by pressing 'Spacebar' /plus (+) key or select all companies by pressing '*' key. 

  • Press 'Enter'.

After following the above steps, the whole shortage report will get displayed.

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