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How to enable Size wise setup in MargERP 9+ ?



Process to Enable Size Wise Setup in Marg Software

Overview:  In Marg ERP Software the user can enable SIZE wise setup for transparency customization, modification and for the user’s benefit.

In order to enable size wise setup in Marg Software the user has to follow the certain steps:

  • Firstly, Go to Masters >> Marg Setups >> Control Room. Press Enter.

  • Control Room window will appear.
  • The user will select ‘Batch’. Press Enter.

  • A Batch Setup window will appear in which the user will click on ‘Accept’.

  • A Batch Setup window will appear.
  • In ‘Secondry in Batch/MRP/REF/Size/Tag/Shade/Bill/Than/Consig/Carpet’ the user will select “Size".
  • In ‘Name of Batch/MRP/REF/Size/TAG/Shade/Bill/Than/Consignment’ the user will mention the Name of Size according to the requirement.
  • Suppose, mention "Size".

  • The user will now press Escape key twice.

  • Now click on ‘Yes’ to save changes.

By following the above steps, the user can enable the SIZE wise setup.

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