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How to create Credit Note Voucher in Marg Software ?



A Credit Note is a voucher type that is issued to the buyer through the seller for the credit of those goods and services which the buyer returns. This is prepared when all the sales return entries are required to be recorded.

In order to create Credit Note voucher, the user will follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, Go to Accounts > Voucher Entry > Credit Note > Credit Note.

  • The Voucher entry window will appear. In 'Date', the user will mention the transaction date.
  • Suppose mention '01-06-2020'.

  • Then a 'Ledgers' window will appear select that party from here of which customer or party has return goods and press 'Enter' key on it.
  • Suppose Select 'Ahuja Medicine Center'.

  • Then Enter the amount under the Credit column.
  • Suppose Entered '500'. Press 'Enter' key.

  • Then a 'Bill Adjustment' window will appear. If the user needs to adjust any bill then select 'Adj Ref' from the drop down and press 'Enter' key on it.

  • Then a 'Pending Invoice' window will appear. Press 'Spacebar' key on that bill which needs to be adjust against this voucher and press 'Enter' key.
  • Otherwise, the user can also skip this bill adjustment window by pressing 'ESC' key. 

  • Then again press 'Enter' key on Dr. side.

  • Then, again a 'Ledgers' window will appear. Select 'Sales Return' ledger and press 'Enter' key on it.

  • Then, again press 'Enter' key then cursor will switch to the narration field where user will feed the narration as per the requirement to maintain the record.
  • Suppose mention 'Amount of Returned Goods Worth Rs. 500'.

  • Press 'Enter' key twice.
  • Thereafter a 'Detail' window will appear in which user will enter details as per the requirement or user can also skip this window by pressing 'ESC' key.

  • Now click on 'Save/Print' according to the requirement.
  • Suppose Click 'Save'.

After following the above steps, the user can create Credit note voucher in Marg software.

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