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How to Create Debit Note voucher for purchase in Marg Software ?



Debit note is a voucher type that is raised against a party/customer for the return of goods that are being purchased.

In order to create debit note voucher, the user follow the below the below steps:-

  • Go to Accounts > Voucher Entry > Debit Note > D/Note Purchase. 

  • The Voucher entry window will appear. In 'Date', the user will mention the transaction date on which the user has return the goods.
  • Suppose, mention "01-04-2021".

  • Then a Ledgers window will appear select that party from here to whom the goods are return and press Enter on it.
  • Suppose, Select 'Ahuja Distributers'.

  • Then a GST Summary window will appear. Select transaction type i.e. Purchase Return.

  • Then a GST Summary window will appear. Select party type i.e. Central or Local as per the requirement.
  • Suppose, select 'Central'.

  • Now the debit note number will be auto picked by the software. The user can change it as per the requirement then press Enter.

  • Then select that HSN Code which the GST% is charged on that particular expense.
  • Suppose, select '2465635 @12%'.

  • Enter Amount.
  • Suppose enter '1000'.

  • Now press 'Tab' key on it.

  • The user can view the total amount of the debit note. Press Enter.

  • Now select 'Adj Ref.' from the drop down on the Bill adjustment window.

  • Then a pending invoice window will appear in which the user will select the bill which needs to be adjusted then press Enter on it.

  • Keep pressing Enter key.

  • Then click on 'Save' to save the entry.

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