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How to create Payment Voucher in Marg Software ?



Payment Entry is used to make payments for Expenses, to parties, to banks, for financial payments, etc. Payment voucher can be passed using a single entry or double entry mode. In Marg ERP software, the user can easily create the payment voucher as per the requirement.

In order to create a Payment Voucher, the user needs to follow the given steps:

    • Go to Accounts > Voucher Entry > Payment > Payment.

    Note: Similarly, the transactions can be recorded in single-entry mode even in Receipt and Contra vouchers.

    • A 'Voucher Entry' window will appear
    • The user will enter the date on which the payment is to be made or has been paid.

    • Then a 'Ledgers' window will appear.
    • The user will select the ledger to whom the payment amount is to be done and will press 'Enter' key on it.
    • Suppose, Select 'Ranbaxy India Ltd.' .

    • Then the user will mention the payment amount as per the requirement.

    • A 'Bill Adjustment' window will appear.
    • The user will select the bill adjustment type i.e. Adj. Ref, New Ref, etc.

    1. Adj. Ref.: Select when the user is paying the amount against any purchase bill.

    2. New Ref.: Select when the amount of payment is being paid as an advance.

    • Suppose select 'Adj. Ref.'.

    • A 'Pending Invoice' window will appear.
    • The user will select the bills for adjustment and in order to select the bills, the user needs to press 'Spacebar' key or plus '+' key on it.

    • Now the software will pick the mode of payment i.e. Cash/Back automatically according to the last transaction. However, if the user needs to change it then the user needs to press the 'Spacebar' key on it. 

    • Then a 'Select Bank/Cash' window will appear in which the user will select the ledger of mode of payment.
    • Suppose select 'Bank of Baroda'.

    • Then press 'Enter' key.

    • To pay the amount through bank, the user must enter the cheque number.
    • Suppose mention '142595'.

    • Then the user will select Save/Print as per the requirement.
    • Suppose select 'Save'.

    After following the above steps, the payment voucher entry will get created.

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